Applebox Network Integrates Remote Location Streaming

Green Screen Studio live-streaming

New equipment and things to come from live-streaming production company based out of Hybrid Studios

Applebox Network, the interactive news media network based out of Hybrid Studios that streams directly to viewers via Facebook Live and other OTT technologies, is making great strides in remote location streaming! Recently the network purchased and integrated a new system capable of taking three different cameras, and then combining and switching them live to any social media or online address. The new technology uses a system of bonded cellular devices that continually transmit to multiple cell towers, so no internet connection is necessary at all.

Applebox Network Logo

“We’ve now gone live from the outfield of a baseball stadium in San Diego and done several different live events in Burbank for manufacturers like Chapman Leonard and Matthews Studio equipment, streaming for multiple hours at each event,” said Craig “Burnie” Burns, “Of course our main studio is at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana where we produce regularly scheduled programming for ourselves and others. There we can bring in guests remotely, play prerecorded video, and show anything online. It’s a magnificent sales tool. Come down and see us!”

For more information on Applebox Network, contact Craig “Burnie” Burns at [email protected] or (714) 609-3545.

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