Sound Stage

The stage at Hybrid Studios features a dual insulated bay door and a massive cyclorama, lit by a suspended lighting grid. A green room and expansive make-up/dressing area with full bath are included with all bookings and provide a comfortable environment for guests. With expertly controlled light and professional grade acoustics, the stage is perfectly adaptable to any sized production.


Stage 1

Film & Photography


Infinity cove with overhead lighting grid. Kino Image 87’s (8) and ARRI L7C’s (4) complimentary with all stage bookings. External Camlok-16 connection available for supplementary power

Make-Up/Dressing Rooms

Spacious cosmetic counters and three dressing stalls with privacy curtains. Connected bathroom with full shower.

Green Room

Elegant sitting environment with full view of stage for production clients and visitors. Accessible to make-up/dressing rooms and common areas.

Stage 1 Bulletpoints

3,000 square feet

20′ x 35′ x 20′ cyclorama cove (16′ to grid)

600 square foot lighting grid

12′ x 14′ dual roll-up door

cam-lok 16 connection

skylight w/ blackout capability