Hybrid Studios Manager Featured on Burnie’s Apple Box

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Mike Miller interviewed about music industry on Applebox Network

Mike Miller, the manager of Orange County’s Hybrid Studios, was recently the featured guest on Burnie’s Apple Box, a show hosted by Craig “Burnie” Burns on Applebox Network. The show, which generally focuses on backend multimedia production, was mostly centered on the music industry and the links between audio and video production. A short tour of Hybrid Studios with Burnie and Mike was also included in the piece, which aired live on Friday October 6th.

Behind the Scenes at Applebox Network“I was honored to be a guest on Burnie’s show,” said Mike Miller, “We discovered that there are a ton of similarities between the worlds of video and audio, and it was fun to discuss the current, ever-changing world of multimedia production with someone on the other side of the fence.”

An interactive news media network, Applebox Network streams directly to viewers via Facebook Live and other OTT technologies. They recently moved their green screen production studio to the front room at Hybrid Studios, where they stream their shows every week.


You can see Mike’s interview on Burnie’s Apple Box below:

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