Vanguard Audio Labs Features Hybrid Studios in V13 Promo

Vanguards at Hybrid

Microphone audio samples and session videos created in Hybrid’s Studio A

Vanguard Audio Labs and renowned Producer/Engineer Lucas Pimentel teamed up recently at Hybrid Studios to film and record promo for Vanguard’s V13 tube condenser microphone. Pimentel recorded original tracks from artists Courtney Fortune and Dylan Chambers in Hybrid’s Studio A, and sample Pro Tools sessions with raw V13 files were placed on Vanguard’s website where they’re currently available for download.

“The Vanguard V13 sounds ten times greater than you’d expect from the price tag; it sounded awesome with every instrument we used,” said Hybrid’s lead engineer Josh Brooks, “Both Dylan and Courtney’s songs were amazing and really showcased the dynamic versatility of the V13.”

The V13 is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern valve condenser microphone, designed in the USA, and it undergoes final assembly in Southern California. The V13 is currently part of Hybrid Studios’ microphone collection and available for client use in recording sessions. You can see video of the V13 sessions, featuring “Ojai” by Courtney Fortune and “I’m So Into You” by Dylan Chambers, on Vanguard’s website or at the YouTube links below.


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