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Sean Perry and Cameron Peinado dish on guitar pedals in recent interview

The Shakes, a four-piece indie pop-rock band from Huntington Beach, recently interviewed with Long Beach pedal company, StacksFX on their online blog. The band is gearing up to release a six-track EP this summer, titled ‘With Every Moment,’ produced by Young the Giant’s Francois Comtois as well as Jon O’Brien and Josh Brooks at Hybrid Studios.
With Every Moment by The Shakes

In discussing which StacksFX pedals he uses at Hybrid Studios, band front man Sean Perry said, “We’re spoiled there. They have all the gear you could ever think of, some of the nicest amps you’ll ever see. We used the Fuzz Gazer on our song ‘Paralyzed,’ and it’s this booming bass for the chorus. And it fit in so well for that and we were so excited about that tone. We also dirtied up the bass tone with the Fuzz Gazer on ‘Scrumptious.’ A lot of the songs on the EP used the Stacks pedalboard. Changing the settings to the pedal changed the whole vibe of the song, so there’s no set-in-stone way to go about it. You plug it in, turn it on, and see what sounds good. It’s kind of by ear.”

For the full blog and interview with Sean and Cameron, visit https://stacksfx.com/blogs/artist-spotlight-bundy/its-the-the-shakes

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