Hybrid Studios Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Hybrid Studios Entryway

Orange County Production Facility Shares the History of the “Wave Wall”

Today mark’s the fifth anniversary of Hybrid Studios, Orange County’s premier recording studios and soundstage. In celebration of the studio’s birthday, we’re taking a closer look at the production facility’s iconic wave wall, a sculpted run of MDF wood fins choreographing movement along the main front-of-house spaces, interior hallways, and Hybrid’s Studio B.

“The wave wall really matches our studio motif perfectly,” said Hybrid Studios Co-founder Billy Klein, “We’re asked all the time if the wall features any acoustic qualities, and although its really only aesthetic, that’s absolutely the look and feel we want it to have. It’s become one of the cornerstones of our brand here at Hybrid.”

The wave wall was inspired by patterns created by sound waves, and the spatial experience mimics the sensation of sound waves rhythmically moving as people pass by. Conceptually, the wave walls respond to their location by varying in amplitude and depth: quieter, smaller sound waves in the intimate spaces are complemented by fully-animated waves wrapping around the recording studio. Designed by Jonathan Lopez and Wiley Architects, the design helped create a unique identity for Hybrid, branding it as a dynamic, creative, and collaborative environment that’s appealing and comfortable to a wide variety of music and recording industry clients.

Hybrid Studios Wave Wall Installation

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