Elijah Ibarra Hired at Electric Feel Studios in Hollywood

Former Recording Connection student trained under Brian Frederick at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana

Elijah Ibarra, a former Recording Connection student that trained under Producer/Engineer Brian Frederick at Santa Ana’s Hybrid Studios, has been hired as a studio engineer at Electric Feel Studios in Hollywood. The studio is the home of Electric Feel Management and producers such as Camper, Louis Bell, and Brody Brown. Ibarra recently did an interview with RRFC to discuss the position and his time training under Frederick at Hybrid Studios. 

Speaking of his first impressions of Frederick and Hybrid, Ibarra said, “I remember when I walked in…[and] It had everything I was looking forward to…he was a really cool guy. I learned so much from him. I wouldn’t ask for another mentor. He was very cool… The main thing I was really struggling with was the speed on the quick keys, on Pro Tools. He was very fast. He would fly through it and I was just over here, still struggling trying to memorize it. But he always took you step-by-step and explained everything. He used a lot of analogies, and it all made sense.”

On the importance of quick keys, Ibarra added, “Speed is the key, honestly…Mainly because artists have a lot of ideas in their heads and they just want to be able to get it out, and if you’re kind of struggling, like…you always have to tell them to hold on, they’re going to probably get a little upset and impatient. So it’s up to the engineer to be quick and fast, because you’re the driver and they’re like the passenger, and they have the directions. So you have to speed up the process.”

You can see Ibarra’s full interview with RRFC at https://www.rrfedu.com/weekly-report/september-30-2019/

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