Earthquaker Devices Releases ‘Swiss Things’ Pedalboard Reconciler

The Earthquaker Pedal collection at Hybrid Studios

Newest EQD pedal offers greater flexibility to your pedal chain

NAMM 2019 saw Earthquaker Devices announce their latest product, the Swiss Things pedalboard reconciler. The new pedal allows players to tidy up and consolidate their rigs, use multiple pedals without tune-suck, and easily bypass or engage effects with a single click.

The Earthquaker website describes the reconciler as follows: “Swiss Things™ combines two true-bypass Flexi-Switch™ enabled effects loops, a Flexi-Switch™ AB-Y box with transformer isolation between outputs, a buffered tuner output, 20dB of clean boost with adjustable gain, an expression pedal output for volume control and a quiet, high headroom output buffer into a compact pedalboard-friendly signal routing junction box that lives at the top-right corner of your pedalboard and really ties your rig together without any signal loss.”

Hybrid Studios is proud to be part of Earthquaker Devices’ studio program, and the studio features a great lineup of EQD pedals in Studio A. Hybrid Studios’ line of available EQD pedals includes the Afterneath (otherworldly ambient reverb), Palisades (mega ultimate overdrive), Rainbow Machine (polyphonic pitch shifting modulator), Arpanoid (polyphonic arpeggiator), Hoof Reaper (dual fuzz octave), Avalanche Run (stereo reverb and delay), Organizer (polyphonic organ emulator), Sea Machine (chorus), Dispatch Master (hi-fi digital delay and reverb), and Disaster Transport SR (advanced mod. delay and reverb).

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