Blizzard’s ‘Beyond The Nexus’ Filmed at Hybrid Studios


Weekly talk show highlights professional play in ‘Heroes of the Storm’

Hybrid Studios has been honored to serve as the shooting location for Blizzard’s ‘Beyond The Nexus’, a talk show centered around the popular game ‘Heroes of the Storm’ and especially its highly competitive professional circuit. The weekly show, hosted by Dreadnaught and Gillyweed, is released every Friday on Youtube.

“It’s been a blast having the ’Beyond The Nexus’ crew in studio every week,” said Hybrid Manager Mike Miller, “ The production value of the show is fantastic, and it’s no surprise that the show has gained such a large following so quickly. They’re doing great work.”

‘Beyond The Nexus’ is produced by Mess Media’s Scott Messick and Joshua Choe of PositiveImage Video. The series has released ten episodes to date, available on the official ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Youtube channel. Check out the official ‘Beyond The Nexus’ video playlist at the link below:

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