Guitar Recording Workshop w/ Darian Rundall

Guitar Recording Workshop

The studio is teaming up with renowned producer/engineer Darian Rundall (Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Dokken, Yellowcard) to help aspiring producer/engineers achieve better sounding recordings! The first workshop, focused on guitar recording tricks and techniques, will be held on April 10th from 10AM to 7PM. Gear for the event is being generously provided by Rivera Amplification.

The guitar workshop is $299, but we’re offering an early bird special price of $249 until March 19th. Attendees will receive hands-on experience and one-on-one interaction with Darian, so limited space is available. Please contact [email protected] or call (714) 850-1499 for more information or to reserve your seat at the workshop – we’ll see you April 10th!

Topics to be covered:

The Instrument
Hum buckers vs. single coils, different nuts and bridge systems, tremolo systems. 

Adjustments and Problem Solving
Action, nut dressing/string hang-ups, intonation, different tuning methods, string gauges. 

Clean vs. dirty vs. high gain amps, tube vs. solid state, different cab/speakers, pedal combinations.

Recording Guitars
Number of mics, phasing, mic selection, acoustics, advanced tricks. 

Recording Gear
Different types of mics, DI, different preamps, fat vs. thin, outboard vs. plugins, tracking with reverb/delay/mod vs. plugins. 

How Performance Affects Sound
Tuning, string bending, the art of palm muting, ringing, open strings, angle of attack, pick placement. 

The Process of DAW Recording
DAW recording etiquette, track naming, color coding, busing and auxs. 

Strange Sounds and Developing Your Style
Learn to push the envelope and create unique sounds.