Hybrid Studios Adds PMC Monitors to Studio B

PMC twotwo.8

New monitoring system rounds out gear upgrades in secondary room.

Hybrid Studios has upgraded the main monitors in their Studio B to allow for a more accurate listening experience. Clients in the B room will now be treated to a pair of PMC twotwo.8 reference grade monitors and a twotwo.sub2 active subwoofer for greater headroom and a more extensive dynamic response.

Studio B @ Hybrid Studios“After shooting out different monitors at Vintage King Los Angeles, the twotwo.8’s really stood out as amazing nearfields and the right choice for Studio B,” said Hybrid Co-founder Billy Klein, “The PMC speakers felt very accurate with a consistent frequency response across multiple volumes; I’m really excited for our clients to hear them in action!”

PMC is based in London, England, but the powerhouse loudspeaker company also keeps corporate offices in Irvine, California, making the Orange County connection to Hybrid Studios complete. Along with several outboard gear additions, and the installation of API’s The Box in May, the studio hopes the new monitors will make Studio B an even more productive and efficient destination for independent music producers and engineers across Southern California.