Midi to Piano


Hybrid Studios now offers services for turning your MIDI files into real piano!

Using Disklavier technology and world-class equipment of your choosing, we’ll send your MIDI information to be played on the famous Yamaha C7 Conservatory Grand Piano in the same large acoustic space as many award-winning pop and classical recordings.

Yamaha C7 Conservatory Grand Piano


First Song – $200

Additional Songs – $150

  • Upload – Send us your standard MIDI file. For best results, we recommend MIDI files created with a weighted keyboard and full-range sustain pedal.
  • Optimize – We’ll examine the velocity and sustain information to verify the Disklavier technology creates an authentic sounding performance.
  • Record – Choose any signal path and stereo pair of microphones from Hybrid Studios’ equipment list.
  • Receive – Upon completion, we’ll send back high definition WAV files for download.

It’s really that simple! There’s no need to sell your song short by using phony piano samples, and there’s an easier way than booking recording time with a studio pianist to achieve top shelf results. Save time and money with Disklavier technology at Hybrid Studios!


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