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Mastered for iTunes Approved

Hybrid Studios offers online mastering services using the best analog and digital equipment in an accurate acoustic environment to bring your material to a professional and commercially competitive level. We focus on the artist experience and work hard to provide clear channels of communication and fast turn around. Typically services are performed within 72 hours.


Mastering Services Include

  • Brief Mix Overview – First impression and objective thoughts on the mix.
  • Verification of File Format – Analysis of file type, bit depth, sample rate & any possible errors.
  • Dynamic Optimization – With a focus on punch and overall energy.
  • Frequency Balancing – With a focus mix translation between different playback systems.
  • Mono Compatibility – Verifying center and mid-side elements.
  • Loudness Optimization – Multiple song projects have consistent commercially competitive LUFS levels.
  • Metadata Embedment – ISRC codes, artist, title, etc.
  • Multiple Delivery Formats – 44.1kHz/16-bit Masters for CDs & Standard Digital Distribution and High Res 24-bit Masters for MFiT (Mastered for iTunes).
  • Master Archival – 1 Year File Archive
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Unlimited revisions (if necessary).
    Optional: DDP file for CD manufacturing – add $50

Mastering Rates

Mastering Rate



What is Mastering?
What's the difference between Mixing & Mastering?
What does Mastering do?
What about LANDR for mastering?
What are the “loudness wars” and loudness normalization?
What is ‘Mastered for iTunes’ (MFiT)?
Why Master?
What should I send to the Mastering Engineer?

Mastering Equipment



PMC twotwo.8s
PMC twotwo.sub2
Yamaha NS10s

Analog Processing

API 550A (2)
Manley Massive Passive EQ*
Manley SLAM!*
Prism Sound Maselec MLA-2
Pultec EQP-500A (2)
Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph
Stam Audio SSL Compressor
SPL De-Esser
Waves L2 Hardware Processor

*Mastering Version

Digital Recording

Apple Mac Pro “Late 2013”
(2.7GHz 12-Core with 128GB DDR3)
Avid HDX Native
Avid HD I/O 16×16
Avid ProTools 11 HD

Digital Processing

Izotope Music Production Bundle
Nugen Audio Master Pack Bundle
PSP Xenon
Slate Digital Everything Bundle
Sonnox Oxford Inflator
Soundtoys Effects V5 Bundle
SPL Transient Designer
Waves Mercury Bundle


Mastering Engineers

Billy Klein graduated with honors as a Recording Arts major from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. After starting his career at a major label A&R department he transitioned into the studio and worked daily with a talented roster of artists, engineers, and producers. In 2013, Klein co-founded Hybrid Studios and his engineering focus shifted to Mastering. Over the last twelve years he has contributed to the recording, mixing and editing of talents like Shakira, Keith Urban, Adele, Matisyahu, Augustana, Leona Lewis, The Bravery, and Michael Grimm.

What is my mastering philosophy? My goal is always to create well-balanced and competitively loud mixes. I want to always improve every song that I receive. In today’s market of music streaming and loudness normalization, dynamics have become increasingly important, and I create masters with encoding and streaming in mind from the start. As far as balance, I want everything to sound just as great on your smart phone as it does in your car. The trick is creating masters that still have bass information on a smart phone, without making your ears bleed from bright cymbals or guitars, but also won’t sound muddy from too much bass when you listen in the car. I tend to dislike bright mixes and masters because today’s listening environment is lacking in playback systems capable of even playing back bass information.

Hear the Difference

Cigar Box by Andrew Fosheim:



I’ll Wait by Will Anderson



Brian Frederick graduated from Long Beach City College with an Associates Degree in Audio Engineering. He began his career working with the local music scene in Long Beach, before obtaining a studio position at Serenity West Recording, in Los Angeles. Frederick worked his way up from intern to staff engineer, and honed his craft working with some of the biggest names in Pop and Hip Hop. He has contributed to the recording, mixing and editing of talents like Wiz Khalifa, DJ Mustard, Snoop Dogg, Kaskade, DJ Quik, and Isabella “Machine” Summers (Florence and the Machine).

What is my mastering philosophy? My approach is simple: serve the song and album, stay out of the way of the song as much as possible, and try to bring out the best aspects of the mix while minimizing the worst.  An artist spends countless hours making the best version of the song(s) possible, and I really take that to heart. I’m not going to put my “stamp” on the song, per say. Every song is different, and every Mastering session is crafted according to what is brought to the table. The end goal is to create highly enjoyable Masters that sound incredible across all playback platforms. It should always sound the best it possibly can, from the phone to the club, to the backpack with speakers, to the Main Stage at the festival.

Hear the Difference

Who Let Me In Master by Bundy



Trigger Finger by Electric Machines



Slow by The Playground



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